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Why Choose Essential Payroll?

Why Choose Us for Payroll Management?

It’s not all about payroll processing, although the minimum requirement for a payroll department is to process payroll accurately and on time. We appreciate that for many businesses payroll isn’t viewed as an important part of the business as it isn’t client facing or involved in production, development or strategy. We do however know that getting payroll right is vital for the most valuable asset an organisation has: its staff. As such, we’ve developed a service that focusses on the following:

  • Processing payrolls accurately and on time
  • Providing the reports/data the client needs to gather the required information
  • Providing payslips to employees which show pay elements clearly and concisely
  • Providing a platform for GDPR compliant data transfer between bureau and client
  • Streamlining areas such as BACS payments and Auto Enrolment
  • Understanding the client needs and striving to develop better ways to run the payroll
  • Responding to client requests/queries quickly and professionally
  • Communicating with Pension Providers and/or HMRC when necessary

In a nutshell: an accurate and efficient service that is tailored to the client's needs, enabling the client to focus on other areas. Find out more benefits of payroll outsourcing here.

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Let us relieve you of your payroll obligations so that your organisation can continue to focus on its core business. We offer a full range of payroll services and have worked alongside clients in a wide range of sectors, including the education, hospitality and care industries. You won’t regret making us your payroll partnercontact us today on 02382 023223.

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