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Essential Auto Enrolment

Essential Auto Enrolment

Provision of a workplace pension is an established requirement for all organisations employing staff processing. As a general assessment, contribution calculation and deduction are carried out via payroll, this forms a major part of the payroll service we provide.

We have experience with many pension providers and are able to upload the necessary data to them after processing each month.

The service involves the following:

  • Assessment of employee eligibility every pay period
  • Communication to employees
  • Postponement when required
  • Calculating contributions based on mandatory or bespoke contribution levels
  • Producing contribution data file
  • Uploading data file to the pension provider
  • Applying any legislation change when required
  • File compliance with the Pensions Regulator

Our aim is to eliminate any client administration of their workplace pension and to integrate it fully into the payroll service we provide.

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