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Managed Payroll Service

Managed Payroll Service

Our Managed Payroll service is flexible and based on your requirements. We offer in-depth department cost and multi-company reporting and dedicated support. We use our Essential Payroll service as a base but with a more tailored approach to integration with the business and employee communication. This may involve the following:

  • In-depth Department/Cost Centre reporting
  • Departmental/Cost Centre contacts for data provision and approval
  • Multi-company reporting
  • Telephone and email support directly to employees
  • Full communication with HMRC & Pension provider(s)
  • Regular on-site client meetings/conference calls
  • Payroll Manager service

Every business is different, so our Managed Payroll service is extremely flexible and entirely based on client requirements.  We always endeavour to recommend best practice or beneficial changes based on our experience with many other business types/sizes.

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